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Joel Hoekstra


Undefined is the debut release from Chicago-raised guitarist Joel Hoekstra. In addition to Hoekstra, the album features great drumming from Virgil Donati (Steve Walsh, Steve Vai, Planet X, Tribal Tech)and solid bass playing from Ric Fierabracci (Frank Gambale, Andy Summers.) The songs on Undefined feature mostly guitar/bass/drums instrumentals, but there are several musicians who make guest appearances throughout. Harmonica player Howard Levy and singer Cathy Richardson each contribute to a song, and various sax and keyboard players add parts here and there. With the exception of the song "Spank Me" that Richardson sings on, all the songs are instrumental and are blues-based rock interpretations on several styles ranging from funk to country to swing. The guitar solo on "Plot in Motion" really shows off Hoekstra's impressive chops and his ability to tweak out the blues with some crazy futuristic-yet-retro tones. Several of the tracks like "Kill Swing" and "Gorilla Man 2000" show that the band has a sense of humor too.

--Mike Grimes, EXPOSE

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