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Joel Hoekstra


JOEL HOEKSTRA'S 13 (Continued)


"It will be in my top 10 list for 2015 for sure..This album really deserves five stars. Spoil your ears and mind, buy this album!" (5 stars!)
-Arie van der Graaf, melodic.net


"The whole album is full of a vibrant energy...the musicianship, lyrics and vocals are top-notch rock gold throughout." (10/10!)


"..a group of world-class musicians rallying around a respected friend to help him create a dream album and the results are nothing short of astonishing. If you love hard rock then this album is as essential to you as oxygen."


"..from the impeccable guitar soloing and master class in memorable riff writing – to the challenging job of taking control of production – Joel nails it.…a cracking good set of songs…Melodic hard rock at its best!" (93/100)
-Andrew McNeice, melodicrock.com


"Dying to live is a fantastic album - great songs, great vocals and great guitar work - what more could you ask for? It's one of the best albums I've heard all year."
-Anthony May, festivalphoto.net


"..one of the best melodic rock albums I've heard this year…Dying to Live is a gem of an album..this is all about the songs and trust me, they shine, big time."
-Ritchie Birnie, devilsgatemedia.com


"Dying To Live…is melodic hard rock at it’s best….has something for everyone...a classic in the making."
-Adam Kennedy, nationalrockreview.com


"Alongside his assemblage of eminent players, Hoekstra has crafted the real deal; this album rocks in such a big way. This is songcraft at its finest. Each and every composition and arrangement is a winner." (9.5/10!)
-Mark Holmes, metal-discovery.com


"You know…it is hard enough to work oneself in to a new band, especially a band like Whitesnake! And to do this and start your own project at the same time!..well the pressure would be enormous. But, it has been done, and done with grace..Whitesnake’s new guitarist Joel Hoekstra has completed a scorcher in his Joel Hoekstra’s 13 debut Dying to Live!"
-Bruce Atkinson, Under the Lights Rock Reviews


"There is not one bad song on here, and is certainly up there as one of my top 10 melodic hard rock releases of the year so far."
-David Farrell, planetmosh.com


"a well rounded album..plenty of ear melting guitar solos..finely polished perfectly formed songs..it's sterling stuff of which you will never tire."
-Andrew Axeman, Hair Metal Mansion


.."Dying To Live" is a masterpiece of melodic hard rock and a true showcase for the songwriting talent of Hoekstra. Its' a must add to your collection and something you'll want to listen to time and time again."
-Kris Engelhart, backstageaxxess.com


""..this recording delivers in spades! Superbly crafted songs...a powerhouse release…Dying To Live' is definitely one of the top releases in 2015. This is a must-have rock album any way you look at it."
-Tony Sison, The Dedicated Rocker Society Music Magazine


"rocking!...a collection of songs of the highest quality.… it’s a quality rock album. Listen to it – over and over.."
-The Moshville Times


"Dying to Live is a strong contender for the best of 2015.." (5.5/6)
-Matt Coe, eternal-terror.com


"The guitarist keeps good company on this album….They've created an accomplished set of radio friendly tunes on Dying to Live, including the sultry Long For the Days.
-Dave Ling, Classic Rock Magazine


"A stellar line-up but does it deliver? Oh yes it does and then some!..musical variety and top draw songs. Mr Coverdale has always been a good judge of musicians for his band and Joel Hoekstra will certainly prove a creative foil for him based on this album. (4 stars!)
-Jason Ritchie, getreadytorock.me.uk


"Intelligent, melodic hard rock that does not compromise on creative imagination and never stops giving."
-Neil Mach, Raw Ramp


"I came to this new project expecting nothing but phenomenal guitar-work. I’m certainly not disappointed....The best thing we can say about this album though is that it sounds so much more than a side project by a talented guitarist – its quality first to last." (4.5 out of 5 stars!)
-Mark Rockpit, therockpit.net


"Joel Hoekstra has produced an album that sets the benchmark incredibly high for all releases to follow in terms of quality writing and performance and attention to detail. Dying to Live will be in many people's Best of List's come the end of 2015. Superb!"


"A superb album of restless discretion, an institution of melodic rock, Dying To Live is Joel Hoekstra’s masterpiece."
-Ian Hall, liverpoolsoundandvision.co.uk


"This album has clearly been a work of passion for him and the final product is a quality release…a great release."
-Aaron Chatfield, rockposer.wordpress.com


"..a rejuvenation of the classic rock n’ roll music..a breath of fresh air..instant musical hits…Joel Hoekstra is really just pretty awesome, and a very talented guitarist, music composer and performer."


"..there is a reason this guy continues to be praised by rock and metal fans alike...this new release from Joel Hoekstra comes strongly recommended!"
-Taylor Carlson, zrockr.com


"Bottom line is that Joel Hoekstra's 13 "Dying To Live" is a damn fine record that includes a bunch of some killer tracks in it, superb performances by Russell Allen and Jeff Scott Soto, a tight as hell musicianship and the talent of the Joel all over the project!" (9/10!)


"..quite stunning, blistering concoction from Joel Hoekstra."
-Ralph Greco, shortandsweetnyc.com


"It's about time this amazing player put out a solo effort, and his years supporting all of those musical acts paid off in spades: this is well written, melodic hard rock that kicks ass"
-SK, musicplayers.com


"...an emphasis on his adeptness in the craft of songwriting and song arrangements rather than just shredding. With such a balanced attitude and rich experience under his belt – Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – is Melodic Rock at its finest.."
-Alexandra Mrozowska, hardrockhaven.net


"What sets this apart from others in the ‘Melodic Hard Rock’ genre is the power of the playing, the aggression and the real passion in the vocals and the guitar playing...some great songs!"
(4 stars!)
-Andy Snipper, music-news.com


"Although Dying To Live was conceived BEFORE Joel joined Whitesnake you can certainly tell why he got the job. There are more than enough hooks on this album to catch even the deadliest fish."
-John Deaux, allabouttherock.co.uk


"Dying To Live is rather impressive guitar-driven melodic hard rock, a showcase for Hoekstra's significant talent for songwriting and guitar playing. Easily recommended."
-Craig Rartranft, dangerdog.com


"Hoekstra’s strengths as a supporting guitarist enhancing a song and allowing the vocalist to put the message across are readily apparent here, and no doubt one of the reasons Coverdale employed him."
-Paul H Birch, RAMzine.co.uk


"Dying to Live is not just another rock release...this is really well-written, well-produced and well-executed. Classic rock and heavy metal fans will be spinning this album constantly once it is released."
-Dominic Athanassiou, metalrecusants.com


"Simply put, if you like rocking to melodies, killer guitar riffs, and great vocals, this is an album definitely worth having in your collection."
-Dwayne Cavanas, Mayhem Music Magazine


"Joel Hoekstra’s 13 have produced a collection of catchy and competent anthemic rock and power metal into Dying to Live…delivered expertly courtesy of a strong foundation formed with Vinny Appice and Tony Franklin and two excellent singers in Russell Allen and Jeff Scott Soto."
-Cameron Terry, DemonsZone.com


"..an impressive melange of powerful hardrock..an excellent melodic rock album that you should check, if you're a fan of bands like Foreigner, Whitesnake and Night Ranger."


"As you would expect from musicians of this pedigree, it sounds immaculate, and anyone who likes the later work of his parent band will not be disappointed."
-Stuart A Hamilton, therocker65.wordpress.com


"With all the songs having winning choruses I’m guessing this is where Hoekstra either starts his writing or focuses his efforts – either way, it works hugely!! Joel Hoekstra. Remember that name!"
-Shan Siva, BattleHelm.com


"The standard is very high…a very positive album…this is top notch stuff"
-Dave Prince, Uber Rock


"..if you’re looking for catchy, well produced AOR/traditional melodic metal with some good playing and strong vocals, you really can’t go wrong with this one."
-Third Eye Cinema


"..most guitar-based albums feature searing solos and riffs..pings and squeals, Hoekstra’s real strength is wrapping his guitar work around the vocals and allowing each song to come to life in a different way with a different groove and texture." (9.5/10)
-Todd "Toddstar" Jolicoeur, 100percentrock.com


"If Hoekstra entertains the idea of pursuing this avenue again, I say please do. He possesses the ability on many fronts, and his product is gold."
-The Shepherd, welovemetal.com