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Joel Hoekstra



The Moon Is Falling

It is always exciting to receive fresh new material from musicians, and that's exactly what we got from guitar virtuoso Joel Hoekstra. This brilliant young musician came to us through our "Bitches Brew" buddies from down under with high recommendations. Joel has released two solo projects to date and we got the opportunity to listen to both of them. "Undefined", Joel's first release and "The Moon is Falling", his latest, feature Joel's unique styling on the guitar and original compositions. Joel is backed on both recordings by the extraordinary Virgil Donati and premier bassist Ric Fierabracci. Both of these recordings run the gambit from metal to funk and pure fusion. These recordings are guitar driven and the compositions are widely ranged, Joel even throws in some unique takes of country and blues on "Undefined" and both recordings feature voice-overs throughout. Both of these recordings are original and highly challenging. To pick one over the other would be an injustice because they are both equally impressive. We have to also mention that Joel produced both of these recordings and both were engineered by our old friend T.J. Helmerich. Everything about the cd's we loved, if there is any logix to these its abstract. If you don't have either of these recordings, get both and if you have the first, buy the second. They are sure to please. Thanks Joel, and we look forward to more.

--John Angello, Abstract Logix

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